Rainbow Sea: Information About the Online Guidebook and on How to Support

Thank you for playing Rainbow Sea!
This is a pixel-art adventure game with the Seven Lucky Gods.

Thankfully, we have received user’s feedback that they want to support this game.
Rainbow Sea is a completely free to play game with no chargeable content. We are currently only using advertising revenue to cover the part of the development costs.
If you would like to help us with future development, please read below.

As a thank-you for supporting 550 JPY or more, you will receive a complete online guidebook of Rainbow Sea.
It includes all the event flags, detailed differences within the events, examples of how to spend your days until you reach each ending, dialogue changes depending on character’s affection, small stories about each god, and how to maximize their affections.


[!] Be sure to read through the notes carefully to receive an online guidebook.

If you would like to see the online guidebook, please click Send and enter RAINBOWSEA in the ?Add a note field on the page that comes up.

We will send the walkthrough to the email address registered in PayPal only to those who wrote RAINBOWSEA in it. Please be sure to include this information for distinction, as there are people who support us for other purposes. Generally, we will respond within a day, but if you do not receive a response in a few days, please check your PayPal transaction history to make sure you entered RAINBOWSEA and then contact us. Please note that machine-translated Japanese is very difficult to understand, so it is best to contact us in English or at least in your mother tongue.

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